Success Story


"Jake" hated school, caused lots of problems, wagged, bullied, shop-lifted and started on car conversion. His parents had addictions.


He entered the Avondale TYLA Project, participated in the induction camp - 4 days of values training, outdoor experiences, team building and learning.


He saw reasons to turn himself around, he met people who cared and saw potential in him.


He started on the literacy programme and improved his homework. He started to understand his classwork.


He attended the cultural group and gleaned more of an understanding of where he came from and who he was.


He returned to school for the new year, 5 months after starting with TYLA and in his own words "I used to think teachers were eggs and hate them, now I have respect for them and I think my teacher is cool".


What a turn around. Now another 2 years later, Jake has participated in a variety of outdoor education courses to build and develop team work, self worth and respect for other people.


He continues to develop his literacy and numeracy skills, has participated in holiday programmes and has regular contact with his TYLA social worker.


He later became head boy at college and graduated leaving for university to become a doctor.

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