Success Story

Equine Therapy

Equine Therapy

Equine Therapy has been an amazing success story for TYLA Youth.


TYLA is pleased to announce that we are able to continue to provide TYLA youth with access to Equine Theray run by Summerfields Farm. We have currently a number of youth attending the therapy in Karaka. They having a fantastic time!

In an Equine Therapy session a certified or specially trained riding instructor teaches a person with behavioral concerns to work alongside and ride a horse. However, equine therapy provides more than just riding skills. The program and environment can teach companionship, ownership, responsibility, leadership as well as how to deal with life's challenges.


Horses pick up on mood and aggressiveness and will not go near someone until they have settled or calmed down. It's through this that the young person has to learn that they quickly need to change their attitude or mood if they want the horse to come near them (it is also a non-threatening way of engaging with the young person). It is hoped then that these skills learnt in the session with the horses will be transitioned over into all of life situations.

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