TYLA chosen for Prime Minister's Youth Programme 2012!




Keepin' It Real for Young People on the Prime Minister's Youth Programme 2011!


In the last week of the 2011 summer school holidays, TYLA hosted 21 young people on the Prime Minster's Youth Programme. As a reward for overcoming challenges and achieving their goals during 2010, young people from South and Central West Auckland took part in some amazing activities organised for them by TYLA.


The young people were given digital cameras for the week and had to create a photo journal. Whilst doing this they climbed the Auckland Harbour Bridge, toured TVNZ, designed tee-shirts at Saatchi and Saatchi and created a music track at York St Studio with help from professional recording experts and the guys from Elemeno P!. The young people also hit the heights of Auckland at the Sky City Sky Tower, battled it out at LaserStrike, played African drums, hung out with the cast of Shortland Street and learnt the art of graffiti bombing.

The young people came to the final day event on Friday January 28 buzzing and exhausted from their week of fun and challenges. The week finished with meeting Prime Minister John Key at Trust's Stadium. For the 21 young people who took part in the week's activities their experiences will hopefully shape and change their lives for ever.

We would like to thank the following businesses, organisations and people for their generous support of the Prime Minister's Youth Programme:

•· AJ Hackett Bungy and Bridge Climb
•· Ari Boyland
•· Avondale Intermediate School

•· Ben Mitchell
•· Cookie Time
•· Dave Gibson from Elemeno P

•· Domino Pizzas

•· Drum Talk

•· Energizer Batteries


•· Holy Trinity Cathedral
•· Kate Jones at Shortland St Publicity

•· Knightsbridge Catering

•· La Porchetta Restaurant Hobson St
•· Ministry of Youth Development

•· Mega Zone Laser Strike

•· NZ Police

•· Play it Strange Charitable Trust

•· Saatchi and Saatchi

•· Sky City
•· Shavaughn Ruakere
•· Suzi Marsh
•· Teuila Blakely

•· The Wizards Cat


•· Tournament Parking

•· York St Studio







Here is what some of the young people thought of their week:

"Some things I personally liked was tee shirt making at Saatchi and Saatchi and completing the harbour bridge walk as this was a big challenge for me..... This week I have learnt from TYLA that I really would like to help other kids and tell them that anything is possible if you just believe and never give up on your life and just go for it."

"I loved making tee shirts at Saatchi's and doing the bridge climb"

"Laser Strike was the best thing we did because we had to work as a team"

When asked what the most challenging thing was one young person said "making new friends" and another said "the height of the Sky Tower!"

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