Programme Concept

The TYLA Model


We have developed a streamlined model for identifying the needs of our clients and monitoring their progress in our programmes.


Working with community groups, New Zealand Police and CYF, we are able to identify candidates most likely to benefit from TYLA engagement. The process of selection has been developed by a number of youth development professionals and is recognised as being one of the leading programmes of early intervention in New Zealand.


Once a child has been identified as a possible candidate, the family is contacted to gain the necessary approval, as well as buy-in to the programme.


We have a detailed identification and evaluation process to help select our preferred programme partners. All of our partners deliver comprehensive programmes based on our four pillars of Whanau, Education, Health and Wairua. 


To ensure continued effectiveness, our partners undergo bi-annual reviews, and we continuously evaluate potential new partners.


Working in alignment with community groups, Police and families, we develop custom programmes for each TYLA member, and monitor their progress closely.


Our programme is considered to be one of the most comprehensive in New Zealand for achieving and assessing progress with high risk youth.



Youth Selection

Youth Selection

TYLA works with community groups, the NZ Police and Child Youth and Family Services to identify those most likely to benefit from engagement with the TYLA programme. READ MORE



TYLA has a comprehensive reporting structure that ensures accurate assessment and selection of those youth who are most at risk and most likely to meet with success by engaging in the TYLA programme. READ MORE


Once a child or young person has been identified as a possible candidate, the family and whanau are contacted to gain all necessary approvals and buy-in.

Programme Partner Selection

TYLA has a rigorous identification assessment and evaluation process to help identify preferred partners. TYLA's programme providers are chosen with excellence and results in mind and their programmes are developed in conjunction with the TYLA Trust Four Pillars of Health, Education, Whanau and Wairua. READ MORE

TYLA Programme Tailoring

TYLA tailors programmes in conjunction with community groups, the Police and families to provide individual support to ensure the greatest likelihood of success. READ MORE

Monitoring and Feedback

TYLA’s monitoring and feedback system is considered to be one of the most comprehensive measures for truly assessing progress with at risk youth.

TYLA Effectiveness Reporting

Holiday Programme January 2014

Holiday Programme January 2014

Arkles Bay READ MORE

TYLA Referral Form

If you would like to refer a young person to our programme please see the attached form under the School or Families tab. READ MORE

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