Maggie Eyre

Maggie Eyre

Maggie Eyre has over 30 years’ experience in business, public relations, education and theatre.

She is the author of: Speak Easy and Speak In Public With Confidence. Her books sell in India, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Speak Easy is being  launched in the USA and Canada in November 2015. A presentation trainer, stylist and media advisor to former Prime Minister Helen Clark, Maggie's work has been recognized in Time Magazine and in international media in the UK, China and Dubai. Maggie returned to Auckland in 2012 after eight years working in London, the Middle East and Europe. Prior to travelling, she worked as an account director for top PR firm Acumen Republic - heading up their presentation and media brand, Encore.Maggie is the Director of Fresh Eyre a niche training company specialising in teaching presentation and media skills. Her team of journalists, voice coaches, actors and camera operators provide Creating Presence programmes to help transform hesitant speakers into confident communicators.Key clients are: business executives, senior managers and a few very special not-for-profits.Maggie brings creativity and business skills to two non for profit boards  StarJam and TYLA. She is guided by principles of equality, integrity and compassion and lives to make a difference especially for disadvantaged youth. Her motto is: 'never give up on anyone'.To learn more about Maggie visit www.maggieeyre.com

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