Charles Crotty

Charles Crotty

Founding Member of The TYLA Trust and Chairman in 1996. Instrumental in ensuring TYLA moved from a activities based programme to recognizing the value of prevention and intervention programmes being critical to our young people making the right choices.


In 1995 Auckland Rotarian Charles Crotty disturbed a knife-wielding fourteen-year-old breaking into his business premises, intent on stealing money. However, instead of simply consigning the youngster to the criminal justice system Charles listened to his story and made a choice.


The central insight from Charles's inspired intervention was: For this young person, whatever the circumstances, failure is not inevitable: we can help him or her learn to make better choices in order to grow and to succeed.


It was clear to Charles that early intervention, a long-term approach, and putting the young person's needs first were critical to success.


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