Cultural Immersion Values Camp

The objective of the CI-VC is to learn the eight TYLA values, learn TYLA expectations and boundaries necessary whilst building positive relationships.

Experiencing a Marae stay and includes cultural components and protocols, storytelling and Māori history.

All Tamariki and Rangatahi new to the TYLA programme have the opportunity to attend Values Camp.

There are eight TYLA values which are covered during the camp:

+ Cherish

+ Choices and Consequences

+ Truth

+ Trust

+ Facing Challenges

+ Family

+ Forgiveness

+ People with Vision Achieve

The Cultural Immersion Values Camp is a balance of learning the boundaries and expectations of TYLA, including appropriate behaviour and language, no gang signs, bullying and fighting.

This occurs whilst growing individual and team skills necessary to their development, taking part in fun activities and building friendships. 

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