Ko Wai Ahau?

Many of tamariki and rangatahi TYLA Trusts works with have little or no knowledge of their whakapapa (genealogy), their Marae and in the some cases with our Pacific Islander tamariki and rangatahi the Island their parents come from.

Though this is a Māori Programme for Māori tamariki and rangitahi, it also welcomes other tamariki and rangatahi that are amidst the same struggles everyday.

Being disconnected from cultural values, upbringing and kāwai tangata whenua (the land they belong to) sees no skin colour or racial boundaries but it can emphasise the despondence of a grouping, in this case tamariki and rangitahi.

The Programme “Ko Wai Ahau” (Who am I) intends to deliver two specific Modules “Pepeha” (the ability to introduce myself confidently in Maori or in my own language” and “Whakapapa” (knowing my genealogy/ancestors).

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